Wandlen Title

„At the beginning there is nothing
but a faint glow guiding you through darkness.
Confide and stride ahead … “


WANDELN short film depicts the inner journey underlying every creative process. You have to hold your ground against uncertainties and self-doubt until you can finally surpass yourself.

This very personal side-project has been accompanying me for at least 3 years now and expresses, what I myself went through on this journey: I had to tackle lots of obstacles and uncertainties. I experimented, appropriated new techniques and in the end, I can look back on an enormous learning curve.


Animated Typeface

I’ve designed WANDELN animated typeface for After Effects as a classic yet modern font with high contrast and futuristic-looking animations.

Customizable Features
• 3 colors
• choose between a flickering or smooth style
WANDELN animated typeface is available at animography.net
One of the reasons I went freelance back in the day was that I wanted to work on personal projects on the side. Well, it was a nice idea that quickly proved unrealistic for long stretches of time. That’s why it makes me all the happier for this mammoth project to finally see the light of day.
Luckily, my journey was accompanied by a bunch of brave fellows: Thank you for your precious time and the great support Elisa Arteaga, Christian Georgopoulos, Falko P. Eidner, Jeroen Krielaars

Selected work