Cyber Crime Time

Explainer Video Series

The imc information multimedia communication AG approached me to help answer this question visually and draw attention to the various methods used by cybercriminals.
In close collaboration, we developed an ongoing series of short and impactful explainer videos. Each episode focuses on a specific „hot topic“, providing engaging and concise information.
The chosen style, characterized by its blocky and vibrant aesthetics, is inspired by their „Cyber Crime Time“ game. This deliberate design choice seamlessly integrates into the entire learning package, creating a cohesive visual identity.
The visual representation not only supports the learning objectives but also makes the complex topic of cybersecurity more accessible.



01. Ransomware
02. Social Engineering
03. Hyperlinks
04. Two-Factor-Authentication
05. AI
06. Passwords
07. Social Media
tbc …

Creative Director, Script: Julian Kappich
Art Director, Motion Design: Florian Bartl
illustration: imc AG, Florian Bartl
Cyber Crime Time © by imc information multimedia communication AG

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