My good friend Christian Metzler is a passionate photographer and eyewear collector. He owns around 2,000 pairs of (sun-)glasses from the late 70s to the early 2000s. He recently launched his show “It’s about eyewear” on YouTube and other social media. In short, informative episodes, he shares his knowledge about exciting topics and all things eyewear.

In a first step, I helped him to revise his existing logo and then bring it to life. In keeping with the title, the logo is made up of different letters from classic manufacturers. We wanted to keep the collage style in the animation, but still give it a fresh and vibrant feel.

Original Logo
Revized Version
In addition to the ident animation, I also designed text overlays, section dividers and animated end cards. The individual elements needed to be short and concise, but above all easy to handle to ensure a simple production process.

As “It’s about Eyewear” is mainly distributed via YouTube and other social media channels, the content needs to work in both landscape and portrait format.

Text Overlays
Section Dividers
End Card


Whether you are interested in eyewear or not, Christian is a lovely human being and well worth following!

Instagram: @christianmetzlercom

First Animation Drafts

Selected work