Panasonic / IFA 2017

Project Details
Animation, Editing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Styleframes, Typography, Visuals
Project Description

Motion graphic intro for the Panasonic IFA 2017 Press Conference. Part of a larger show packaging project that contained various show elements like projection mappings, product unveils, infographics and presentation slides.

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    Motion Design Intro für die Panasonic Pressekonferenz auf der IFA 2017 in Berlin. Teil eines größeren Gesamtpakets, welches Projection Mappings, Unveils, Infografiken und Präsentationsfolien beinhaltet.

Client: Panasonic Marketing Europe
Producer: Uli Matheus (
Script / Director: Gerold Schneider (
Motion Graphic Design: Florian Bartl (

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