• EXPERIMENT | 160908

    A motion graphics experiment straight from the lab.

  • Inspired by vintage French beverage labels

    For a few weeks now, I have been working on a typeface design whenever I find some spare time. The letters are inspired by vintage French beverage labels. Since it’s aimed to serve mainly as a display or headline font, there will only be uppercases at first. My ultimate goal is to animate it and distribute it as an animated typeface for after effects.

    For the time being, I’m sketching a lot and playing around. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Work in progress

    Here is a little work in progress snapshot of one of my current projects. It reminds me of the spirograph shapes, which I was drawing as a child.

  • EXPERIMENT | 150312

    A motion graphics experiment straight from the lab.

  • Frame by Frame

    Guys, I’ve rediscovered Photoshop’s animation tool. Now, using video layers and onion-skinning is way more confortable to animate frame by frame. 
I’m not really sure what it’s gonna be in the end, but from time to time it’s fun drawing some weird objects and making them come alive.

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