• End of the year

    My final job in 2014 is a little stop-motion project. I’m really happy about that, because it’s been a while since I’ve created my last animation by hand.
    I almost forgot how meditative shooting frame-by-frame is.

  • #Selfie

    As construction material, I really like cardboard. From time to time I get the drive to immediately start tinkering around with it. Yesterday I constructed this gigantic mask and a huge smartphone as props for a selfie. Can’t wait to think of other ways to put them to use.

  • Frame by Frame

    Guys, I’ve rediscovered Photoshop’s animation tool. Now, using video layers and onion-skinning is way more confortable to animate frame by frame. 
I’m not really sure what it’s gonna be in the end, but from time to time it’s fun drawing some weird objects and making them come alive.

  • Flying Fries

    Yay! I’m very proud to be working with the great guys at Thauma Stuttgart once again. I can’t reveal too much at this point, but right now we’re working on the first concept studies for a new Panasonic project. Huh? What could this be? Flying fries maybe?

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