• Work in progress

    Here is a little work in progress snapshot of one of my current projects. It reminds me of the spirograph shapes, which I was drawing as a child.

  • Wooden Crystals

    I’ve spent a little time in my dads carpentry workshop. The result is not entirely satisfactory, but it has been fun nevertheless.

  • Let’s go play!

    Over the last few months, I have been quite busy doing a lot of interesting jobs and projects. Nevertheless, I put together a brand new selection of my favorite professional and personal work. After all, what’s spare time for if not for doing what you enjoy. Passion, sweat and gallons of espresso… Finally, here’s my latest motion graphics reel.

  • EXPERIMENT | 150312

    A motion graphics experiment straight from the lab.

  • #Selfie

    As construction material, I really like cardboard. From time to time I get the drive to immediately start tinkering around with it. Yesterday I constructed this gigantic mask and a huge smartphone as props for a selfie. Can’t wait to think of other ways to put them to use.

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