behind the scenes

  • Overcome the summer slump

    After trying  to overcome the summer slump with food scandals followed by snapping turtles, local newspaper „Pforzheimer Kurier“ is now focusing on the city’s young and creative potential. I’m proud of the resulting article. Thanks to Mrs. Roth for the nice interview!

  • Where am I?

    Guess where I’m working at the moment? Hm?
    Inside scoop coming soon.

  • Hello Ida

    Today I have welcomed my first intern ever, yay! For the next four weeks, graphic designer and illustrator Ida Grosse will be supporting me at my Pforzheim studio.
    She shares my interest in motion picture and animation, so I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a great and productive time. – Illustration by Ida Grosse

  • #Selfie

    As construction material, I really like cardboard. From time to time I get the drive to immediately start tinkering around with it. Yesterday I constructed this gigantic mask and a huge smartphone as props for a selfie. Can’t wait to think of other ways to put them to use.

  • Frame by Frame

    Guys, I’ve rediscovered Photoshop’s animation tool. Now, using video layers and onion-skinning is way more confortable to animate frame by frame. 
I’m not really sure what it’s gonna be in the end, but from time to time it’s fun drawing some weird objects and making them come alive.

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