behind the scenes

  • A bucket full of motion graphics

    This week we had a great time in the studio, shooting my all new and super serious business portraits. It was really challenging to keep my eyes open all the time, I can tell you. Maybe this is what motion graphics would feel like in real life. My homie and studio neighbor Christian Metzler did a great job shooting me – literally.

  • Monstrously great

    YeaHR´s corporate identity – designed by Transfer Studio – has been featured on PAGE online.
    My contribution to this project was the animation and direction of a series of four clips to bring this „monstrously great“ corporate design world to life.

  • Work in progress

    Here is a little work in progress snapshot of one of my current projects. It reminds me of the spirograph shapes, which I was drawing as a child.

  • Wooden Crystals

    I’ve spent a little time in my dads carpentry workshop. The result is not entirely satisfactory, but it has been fun nevertheless.

  • Featured Showreel

    Recently, Computer Arts Magazine has featured my showreel and asked me a few questions about it:

    “I aimed to present a wide range of my work in the shortest amount of time possible,” explains Germany-based motion graphic designer and art director Florian Bartl. “I like to toy around and have a go with new styles, techniques and combinations.” Clocking in at just under 1:30, Bartl’s showreel is an explosion of geometric animals, title sequences and illustrated delights that expertly show off his motion design skills. “I really like the intro and its playful character,” he continues. “Yet, every project has its very own special value to me; they’re all a result of passion, sweat and gallons of espresso.”

    Having created title sequences for a number of conferences, Bartl has been able to make each one unique yet inspiring with his own flair, as shown throughout the reel. “The challenge with putting this showreel together was combining two apparent opposites,” he says. “On the one hand, you have to be very strict to be able to reduce an entire project to a few essential seconds. On the other hand, you have to broaden your mind to find the common denominator for a bunch of very different projects and arrange them to become one homogenous reel.”

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