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  • EXPERIMENT | 161207

    #workinprogress #wip

  • Backstage in Biel

    The great fashion and stage designer Hudda Chukri asked me to pitch in with some stage animations for the opera production she is currently working on.

    Since the beginning of the year we have been working on a visual vocabulary, a type of imagery to visually accompany the production of „Weisse Rose“ at Stadttheater Biel and Stadttheater Solothurn. I had an exciting day on Tuesday, when my visuals were being test-screened on the big stage in Biel for the first time. It’s enthralling to watch how the small singular components group and little by little piece together a wholesome creative concept.

    Up until now, I haven’t had much insight into the world of theater. Imagine my fascination being backstage and looking over the shoulders of a committed team comprising director, stagehands, lighting technicians and media technicians. And to be able to assist and advise, too!

  • EXPERIMENT | 160908

    A motion graphics experiment straight from the lab.

  • Oh! Ein Pelikan!

    This one was hidden for a long time in our secret laboratories, but now it’s official. The Township Rebellion boys released their new track ‚Pelikan‘ on Moonbootique Records. I directed, designed and animated the official music video. Oh! That was fun!

  • Design Matters

    Commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine UK, I designed and animated their monthly returning ‘Design Matters‘ theme.
    My submission consists out of a full page illustration for their print magazine and a 15 second animation loop for the iPad edition. – Computer Arts | #253

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