• Pétanque

    Finally I’ve brought this lil pétanque loop to live. I already miss these warm summer evenings a lot.

    ⁣#petanque #boules #2D #illustration #motiongraphics #motiondesign #animation

  • Ancient Astronaut

    Here is a little concept sketch for a personal project I’m currently working on. Let’s get that thing animated in the next steps. 

    #workinprogress #styleframe #concept #preastronautics #sketch #2D #illustration #vector #traveler #visitor


    Thank you for featuring my WANDELN project.

  • WANDELN featured on PAGE online

    I’m very happy for WANDELN project is featured on PAGE online today. Thank you Sabine Dank for the post.

  • WANDELN — Finally!

    Finally! — WANDELN animated typeface and short film are now available at

    WANDELN is a classic yet modern typeface with high contrast and futuristic-looking animations. It is inspired by art deco design and vintage French beverage labels. The animation is divided into 2 parts. First we see the rectangular shapes appearing. You can choose between a smooth or flickering style for this part. After that, the curves start flowing in. This division is what gives Wandeln it’s unique rhythm.

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